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Beauty tips: How to shrink pores on your face

This is the first article in published in the Cubicle News and Info. In the first article Cubicle News and Info, I will deliver Beauty tips: How to shrink pores on your face. Happy reading...

The pores are part of the skin, but often the size of the pores are too large especially on the face makes a person feel uncomfortable.

Many people are not really able to shrink the size of the pores, but could only make it look smaller.

Here are Beauty tips : how to shrink the pores on your face effectively:

1. Figuring out the main causes of enlargement size of the pores.
Before trying to shrink face pores, you must first learn what causes the pores to be large.

Genetic factors
Genetics has a considerable role in determining the size of the pores, and unfortunately nothing can be done to change those factors.

Oily skin
Oil on the skin will naturally contribute to determine the size of the pores. The body produces sebum (skin oil) is naturally to prevent the skin from dryness.
If you have very oily skin, dirt will easily attach to and settle in the pores thus making the pores become swollen and stretched.

Age factor
Age, were generally able to make the enlarged skin pores due to the decreasing elasticity of the skin.

Enlarged pores can face due to a blockage of pores due to dirt or cosmetics and cosmetic use of inappropriate.

2. Use a topical retinoid solution for treating facial skin.
Topical retinoid solution will help dissolve bacteria on the skin and minimize the damage caused by acne and sun. Acne and the sun can cause the pores getting bigger.
Use the cream as directed and be sure to use sunscreen when you are under exposure to sunlight.

3. Keep your pores clean.
Clean the pores are not always easy, but it is absolutely necessary to reduce the appearance of large pores and preventing the pores are not getting bigger.
Use a facial cleanser every day and every time after doing activities that make sweat. Use exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin layers.
Exfoliate should be used sparingly because it can cause dry skin so it produces more oil to compensate for these conditions.

4. Use a facial moisturizer that is designed to not clog pores.
Avoid moisturizers that contain oils and begin to use non-comedogenic moisturizer. Make-up can also cause enlarged pores, so be sure to wash your makeup before bed.
Use a skin primer before using foundation, this will help flatten the color of the skin and prevent the make-up seeping into the pores.

Hopefully "Beauty tips: How to shrink pores on your face" from "Cubicle News and Info" can be useful for you.


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