Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston's Funeral: broadcast live on television and video streaming on the internet

After previously Cubicle News and Info posted an article about the chronology of the death of Whitney Houston, this time CNaI will write an article about the funeral of Whitney Houston. Happy reading

Although Whitney Houston's funeral will be held in a closed, but the funeral will be broadcast live on television, and video streaming on the internet.

Family spokeswoman Whitney Houston says that Whitney Houston's funeral, held at New Hope Baptist Church, Newark, New Jersey can be seen by the public via television and internet streaming.

A single video camera placed in the church on Saturday (18/2), to record Whitney Houston’s funeral at New Hope Baptist Church, Newark, New Jersey.

Whitney Houston's funeral was attended by about 1,500 mourners consisting of Whitney’s friends such as Chaka Khan, Bebe Winans, Diane Warren, Antonio LA Raid, Brandy and Ray J.

Aretha Franklin, which is a godmother to Whitney Houston have also been requested by the family to sing at Whitney Houston's funeral. And pastor Marvin Winans who will deliver speeches in a release.

Meanwhile, officers investigating the death of Whitney Houston have issued subpoenas for medical records after finding prescription drugs in the hotel room where Whitney Houston died.

It is unclear what the drug was found from the room Whitney Houston, or doctors and pharmacies which dispense them.


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